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Losing motivation

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 12, 2013, 4:50 PM
... You know, those prints have still made me no money. Three of you owe me $10 each... You know who you are, it's just that I don't...

So anyway, in a creative rut at the moment. I have a new piece of art sort of in work, but I'm not too pleased by the anatomy... So motivation is draining again.

Same kinda goes for my videos too; I'm getting less views with every video, I'm wondering when I'll dip back into 0 views per video again.

I dunno, I'm losing my drive to create anything. That artwork I slaved over got negligible attention, and it was only until I whined about it on Twitter that two more people (one being a friend, so interpret that however you want) gave me pity... Hell, putting it into a group did nothing to raise its attention ;_;

I'm starting to ruminate slowing down to a halt when it comes to drawing. I've got less and less to work with now. I only have my robots, my gym leaders, a stick-man and stupid things like Brief Seeds... I wonder when people will get bored of my shit, you know?

Same for videos too; LPing is getting tiresome for both me and people who have to put up with me begging them to watch it.

Oh well, maybe something will come along and get me out of the dumps... Hopefully.

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The-Alien-Entity Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
Well, I certainly haven't gotten bored of your stuff yet... :) I say don't let it make you think less of yourself and do what you like to do, rather than what you think people want you to do.
Ocsttiac Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But then when I do what I enjoy doing, I get angry at myself since I always think I'm not trying hard enough to make it better... Or that I lack the skill to actually make it better.

"Hey, you! Look at that hand you've drawn. It's shit. Make it better."
"But conscience, it's too hard for me!"
"You suck."

I guess several years of practice doesn't amount to much until I'm satisfied :(

But thank you ^^
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