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A cold slap of reality

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 18, 2013, 6:49 AM
Urgh... Super down and all.
Let me explain my situation right now: I'm heading off to university on Saturday, and once I'm there, I'm sure my time to draw and stuff will reduce tremendously. I probably will hardly come here, since I'll be really busy with work. I'm always hoping I won't be, but when I gotta work, I gotta work. Plain and simple.

Second: I've been away for about 2 weeks, and I've got A LOT of catching up to do. I'm not going to ignore my duties to comment, I'm no hypocrite (well, I am but anyway). I did manage to slice away deviations that don't need my attention, so the actual number of deviations I need to look over is... 51. Manageable.

Third: I'm losing my motivation to draw once again. It's really been driven home to me that what I'm drawing is just not interesting enough. And those aren't my words. Those were someone else's regarding my rant (which is still drawing attention, for some reason), and it's pointless to argue back. The evidence really speaks for itself. I'm getting less and less feedback recently with each passing deviation I upload, regardless of effort or time put in (the amount of productive response I get on deviations I spend weeks upon weeks working on are really disappointing; case-in-point, the group 10 poster). I really am starting to despair over this and I hate myself for it, among other things.
I might shift focus of my drawing onto another franchise soon (working on Dangan Ronpa OC artwork), so if you guys are looking for a breath of fresh air, there's that to look forward to. Or if you want me to shut up and leave... University can take care of that.

Fourth: Dangan Ronpa OCs (as mentioned above).

Kazeyari Manzoku (満足 風槍 - Manzoku Kazeyari)
SHSL Pilot

Soaku Ikasama (如何様 粗悪 - Ikasama Soaku)
SHSL Cheater

Yubijun Uzujiten (渦自転 指順 - Uzujiten Yubijun)
SHSL Yo-yoist

Yori Shikyoo (司教 頼 - Shikyoo Yori)
SHSL Chessmaster

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The-Alien-Entity Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
Whatever you want to draw the most, I'm fine with it. :)
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September 18, 2013