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I'm on my aunt's shitty computer in Mong Kok (yes, it exists:, and I feel like doing this. Don't ask why XD

10 facts about me, 'cos I haven't got a lot of time (run and hide while you can):

1. This is somewhat unnecessary, seeing as I did a 100 facts thing already (…), but that shit's old. NEW FACTS MUST BE BORN.

2. Let's start off with a general, perhaps harsh, description of myself: I am a 17-year-old gamer, little-known video maker, developing-artist, overly-imaginative nerd and overall just your plain average internet user... Aside from my method of speech, where I always seem to type and speak formally, with ocassional profanity peppered in places... Fuck.

3. To be honest, I have at times considered that I have genuine autism or attention deficit disorder, but whatever the case I'm okay with who I am, because that's how people like me.

4. Actually, speaking of which, that's something that's always puzzled me: Why am I liked by anyone (this isn't a self-bashing, just an observation)? People do so much for me and yet I hardly do anything for others. It's like a "I'll help you if I feel like it" thing and it surprises me that it attracts friends... But it works, and that's all that matters.

5. I'm content with my life. I have a nice education, I have wonderful friends, I have an absolutely amazing girlfriend and for the most part, I think I'm not all that useless.

6. I have always had a childhood dream to make people laugh. I've always wanted to entertain and bring smiles to people's faces, but so far I'm not doing a terrific job of that. But for now, at least I bring a smile to one person's face, and it's her smile I matter about the most <3

7. Controversy time! I'm not a fan of 1st generation Pokemon (can't do the e on this keyboard), because most complaints made about later generation Pokemon can be attributed to Pokemon in generation 1. That, plus the gameplay and balance of generation 1 makes it unplayable.

8. More controversy! I'm an atheist, but you'll never catch me telling you that religion is a fruitless exercise, because it isn't. I can't remember what mathematician said this, but he said something along the lines of: "It's worth doing something for an infinitely great reward, despite the setbacks made in life, since infinite happiness is better." Also, as Euler said: "(a+b^n)/n=x, therefore God exists."

9. I'm an anti-brony for the reason that not only is the show really lackluster from an adult's perspective (hell, I'm sure even my kids would dislike it), but the fanbase seems to have made their best efforts to make themselves as obnoxious as humanly possible, seemingly forcing it into other people's faces without provocation or need. No matter where you go, there's going to be a pony related to it, be it a pony parody, a ponification, or just some random idiot saying it's 20% whatever. Now, I'm of the firm belief not all Bronies are like this, but I know that enough of them act this way for me to hold a valid grudge against them. And if you want my comment on the show, ask me about it and I'll be glad to get back to you on it whenever I find internet access again.

10. I have proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, but there's not enough space here to writ- What's that? It's been solved for almost 20 years? ... Shut up, let me make a joke.

Tagging? What's that?
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I'm thinking of doing a vieo when I get back called "Mega Man Misconceptions", basically revolving around general misconceptions around the Mega Man series (Classic only), such as Dr. Wily building all of the robot masters, etc.
If there're any Mega Man fans out there with good knowledge of the series and have found any standard misconception, please leave a comment. I could really help =)
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If you get that reference, I love you.



Okay, now that Caps Lock is off, lemme cut to the chase.
I'm gonna try to get through as much stuff as possible, but I can't guarantee anything. Either way, I'm doing fine and I hope you all are.

Well, see you 'round!
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Will be gone for three weeks with little to no internet connection.

If you're a dA follower: Comments will be slow, if not non-existent. Apologies for that. Also, uploads will not happen either.

If you're a Twitter follower ( Most likely no tweets, nor will I read yours.

If you're a YouTube follower ( No new videos and no commenting, unless for special occasions.

I'm gonna miss you guys ;A;
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Yeah, gonna go on a Robot Master binge upload here, just a fair warning.
btw, these are photos, since my scanner is broken and my mouse is glitching up, so I can't trace them.
In time, I might trace them, but it's up in the air.
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Do you hate me?

If you answered "yes" then "no", THIS NEW LET'S PLAY IS PERFECT FOR YOU:…

Sorry for advertising ==;;;
You know, I've just realised a few things:

1. The reason I haven't been drawing much was becasue that ONE drawing of all those people had me obsessed with it (HERE IT IS *SHAMELESS PROMOTION*…), leaving no room for imagination of other things.

2. The reason I haven't been drawing AFTER I finished it is because my head is now dry of ideas. The vat's empty, the bucket's clean, the tank's dry, the noggin' is completely out.

3. That... And I ran out of paper >>

4. I still need to draw Jasper for jasperoura... Which is what I'm doing now, so be quiet :I

5. I seem to really like drawing group pictures, i.e. pictures with multiple characters.
. Pokémon League:…
. Project GP [magnum opus?]:…
. Cyclodroids:…
. Team Black:…
I don't know why, maybe it's the unity, the detail, or I just like large drawings with little things. I don't know. Do you like them?

6. A former friend of mine has her birthday today. I wished her a happy birthday, but I wonder if she's okay with it.

7. Natalie's been gone for a while... I wonder where she is ;n;

8. I'm kind of a dick when I think about it. I haven't been that nice to people as of recent XD I guess I need to lighten up :P

9. Capcom are assholes. I've lost almost all respect for them. Until they wow me with a new game or actually localising what I fucking want, maybe I'll be half-tempted into buying something from them again.

10. I'm thirsty.

Yeah, I guess this kinda transformed into a mini-rant, but I feel a little better now ^^;
I would really appreciate it if you guys gave me ideas to draw, or answers to the question in point 5 =)
Okay, I'm done.
Mega Man 3 time! Woo!…

Please support in any way possible =D
Even though I finished my last exam, I have some business to take care of in China, and I won't be on until next week.
Sorry to delay my feedback I owe people. I really shouldn't procrastinate it so much, but I swear you'll all get it eventually.
Gonna get it out of the way, crumble onto my knees and yell "I'M THROUGH!"

So yeah... There's that.
Cutting through my inbox is quite a task.
I would do the rest, but I need sleep =3=
Today was my birthday, and I am now 17... I don't feel different *poker face*

This wonderful woman has bestowed me with a Premium Membership for 3 months ;∪;

Also, my girlfriend got me a new microphone too =w= ♥

Oh, and I am no longer gonna be silent, because fuck being quiet XD
I've just been told that I should shut up forever, doing everyone a favour...
You know... I think that's a good idea... Well, I'm off.
God dang these things. This is the reason why I haven't commented on anything. And I'm really sorry about that >.<;
I swear, I will make up for it. I'll try to do my best to get through it all today =D

If any of you are subbed to me on YouTube, you'll know that I did 2 Let's Plays, one on The Room and one on Rokko Chan. Recently I did a 3rd one of No Exit.
For those who wish to waste your time in supporting me, please check out these Let's Plays:

The Room:… [Total duration: 1.5 hours]

Rokko Chan:… [Total duration: 2.25 hours]

No Exit:… [Total duration: 24 minutes]

'Likes', comments and favouriting my videos is graciously welcomed. Any support is helpful for me =)
Thank you for your time.
I must still be experiencing my Mega Man convulsions, 'cos I've actually designed 4 joke robot masters:

JKN-001 - Gradient Man
JKN-002 - Contradiction Man
JKN-003 - Orgy Man
JKN-004 - Preach Man

... Something is very wrong with me u_u;
Update: Yes, this was indeed an April Fools joke. I have no intention of becoming a Brony, and I never will.
And now to return to your usual programme.

It's taken me so long to finally see the true worth of MLP:FiM! But now I do see it! The stories are actually gripping, the characters are well-developed, the plots actually go somewhere, the songs are amazing... I COULD GO ON!
But just to let you know, I'm so a Brony now :D


So, like, check out my new art!…
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I'm watching so many episodes of it...

... What the fuck is wrong with me? ;_;

I blame Jonathan Aris' sexy voice. I blame the gripping stories.
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So it's my Easter Break... Whoopee... 'Cos now I need to revise for AS exams ;_;


As you might know, I'm making a bunch of OCs as Pokémon Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and now, Froniter Brains (for those of you who, for some reason, don't know what a Frontier Brain is; they are the presiding trainers over their respective battle facilities in the Battle Frontier, and are challenged after a number of consecutive fights, but each facility has its own rules, building up the challenge).

As such, I have a few questions. They're just matters of opinion, so don't worry:

1. How many Frontier Brains do you want me to create (I'm aiming for between 5-7)?

2. Do you want to see the remaining Elite Four members first, or the Frontier Brains first?

3. What kind of Pokémon Champion would you like me to create? A young one? An experienced one? Do you think they should be male or female?

Leave me a comment on your opinions, I'll appreciate it greatly ^^
Thank you once again =)
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Tagged by AlexeybooWinters... Huh, didn't think she knew I existed at all O_o

Part 1 - Rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post five things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Choose eleven people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
6. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
7. No stuff like "you're tagged if you're reading this".
8. No tag-backs.

Part 2 - Things About Me:

1. I'm going out with Spooky-Tan <3

2. I honest-to-god think my drawings suck balls. The only reason I draw and upload them is in hopes people help me know how to improve... Shame my drawings are enough of a deterent to not make people want to help me X'D

3. The name 'Ocsttiac' actually has a meaning. I DID NOT just randomly smash keys =P

4. I am a huge fan of Pokémon, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda and various cartoons.

5. I dislike Bronies greatly. To be honest, I don't think MLP:FiM is a god-awful show, but I think it's GREATLY overrated. Especially with the fanbase, they blow it out of proportion to an unbelievably extent. In fact, in response, I made this video:…


Part 3 - Your Questions:

1. How would you react if you realize that you can't really have what you really want?
Well, that would suck massively. I would really like to live with my girlfriend, but if I can't, well I'll be somewhat satisfied with how things are now. I mean, just because we can't be together doesn't stop us from loving each other.

2. What do you think about yourself right now?
I never EVER think highly of myself; in fact, I do honestly think I have no talent at all. But, I do know I have a place in this world =P

3. Has there been times when you felt like you needed to do something but really couldn't?
Oh so many times. I'm tormented by these things.

4. What do you do when you know something bad's gonna happen?
Panic, scream and run in circles.

5. Are you prepared for your future?
Somewhat... Need to consider with university I need to study at.

6. Do you feel a lot of pressure when someone or anybody tells you to do so many things and you can't really do most of them?
Welcome to my world.

7. How would you describe a better place for a better world?
A place where no one s slave to other's opinions and beliefs, and where we can act on our on whims in isolated areas.

8. Do you think anyone who has committed a crime deserves some justice or should just be punished?
Justice. Behind every crime is a motive, and some motives can be justified. So downright punsihment may be wrong.

9. In your opinion, what does it mean to "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer?"
Well, I guess we all need enemies to balance out our lives. I mean, to every hero is an equally brilliant villian.

10. Do you think it's everyone's choice to tell you what you should do for your future or your own choice?
My own choice, goddamnit D:<

11. Do you think that your worst enemy can actually be your best friend?
Well, unless you hate them to the bone, you can have friendly moments with your enemies =P

Part 4 - My Questions:

1. Do you believe that each person has someone out there to complete them?

2. Do you think you'll ever achieve your dreams?

3. Speaking of which, what are your hopes and dreams?

4. Would you ever conquer your fears for someone?

5. What would it take to get you to give up?

6. What do you think your life has in store for you?

7. Would you say you have a talent?

8. What are you more scared of? Death or pain?

9. Satisfied with your accomplishments?

10. What would you say is the worst thing about the world?

11. Do you want a hug?

Part 5 - The Tagged:

1. Spooky-Tan
2. Batty-Brandyn
3. Gonley
4. PsychoticGex
5. Aledog
6. Coffeetology
7. Xx-Sammychan-xX
8. x3AnimeLuver
9. Raythedeku
10. UltimateYoshi
11. Zothan11
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