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Uh... Yeah... Um... Hi there. I've been doing some drawing again (but not a whole lot due to my End of Year exams), and I realised I've yet to scan robot masters no. 23 and 24. I'll tell you now: They'll be scanned eventually. I just haven't the time to do so. Wait 'til June 12th, maybe then I'll do it. Just to let you know, these robot masters are called Reaper Man (based on the Grim Reaper) and Gizmo Man (a robot with weapons from Blast Man, Steam Man, Sharp Man, Shatter Man and Techno Man, including a weapon of his own).
I've also done some orthographic diagrams of robot masters no. 1-12, but I want to finish all of them until I show you guys. In addition, I've drawn up some more ideas, and I've already finished drawing 4 new robot masters, bumping the number up to 28. These robot masters are as follows:

DON-025 - Gust Man
DON-026 - Salt Man
DON-027 - Comb Man
DON-028 - Emerald Man

I'll leave you to imagine what they look like, but in the mean time, I have some exams to do tomorrow. I also wish to thank everyone who noticed my depression a few days ago on Formspring, and to those who helped me out by encouraging me. I feel so much better now ^^
But now, I have some German to revise, so I'll see you guys later.

P.S. I used DON instead of DWN or DLN or DCN, because I don't want to sound stupid and say that Capcom will use them. It looks super awkward to have a fan robot master with the serial number of an official robot master.
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29/5/10 - 11/6/10 Revising and exams, no contact will be made to anyone. I'll see you guys later!
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Hello, hello, and HELLO! I give you a warm welcome to one of my humble abodes on the internet. It will be here that I show you my drawings. IT WILL be here that I do some stuff. AND ALSO... IT WILL BE HERE that I critique and comment on stuff. For now, however, my skills in drawing need a slight touch of improvement... Well, okay, a large rugby tackle of improvement, but that's besides the point. If I ever have the urge to draw some random rubbish, it's most likely that it'll be here first.
So, to all (that is if I have any -_-') followers out there, my art will be posted on deviantART, videos will be on YouTube, and any questions you want to ask me, go on my Formspring. All of my usernames are the same. Okay, that's that then. I bid you farewell for now.
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